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Tunable white LED lighting solutions are gaining popularity in both commercial and residential properties. For those who wonder why they are so special – let‘s start with the fact that one tunable white product allows you to freely change the color temperature from 2700K to 6500K. Why that is beneficial? Well, there are a couple of reasons, from aesthetic to therapeutic.

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To begin with, it is quite widely known that cooler light such as daylight has a positive effect on our productivity, this feature is important not only at schools or offices but in our own homes too. Especially, for those who work remotely. Just imagine how useful tunable lighting can be if you have a working station in your bedroom or living room. During work ours you change it to cooler-colored light and when it‘s time to rest you create a more comforting and relaxing atmosphere by changing the color temperature into warm light instead. Matching light color according to natural day and night rhythm is also beneficial to our biological clocks, in the long run, it can help with your sleep schedule and concentration during the day.

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It is even believed that cooler light can create a psychological effect feeling you a little colder on a hot and sunny day, conversely warm light making you feel warmer on a cold and rainy day. This feature can be beneficial to various businesses, where it is aimed to create the best possible customer experience. Also, tunable white LED products can be very beneficial to museums and art galleries, because you can easily change the lighting depending on the particular exposition.

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Besides the fact that tunable white LED products can change color temperature, they can be dimmable as well. LED lighting solutions manufacturer AKTO offers suchlike square and linear LED modules that can be installed into various types of luminaries. Typically, these LED modules are made out of two types of diodes – cool and warm. Color temperature can be altered by changing the output of the two different kinds of LEDs. Whereas brightness can be reduced by switching down the current. It is awesome that the AKTO team is open to developing custom-made solutions as well, thus in this field possibilities for lighting fixtures manufacturers as well as for lighting planners are fairly extensive!

Of course, you should be aware that tunable white LED modules wiring and installation may be more complex compared with regular LED modules. It also requires specific drivers in order to control the color temperature as well as the intensity of the light. Nevertheless, despite these points, it‘s very likely that due to the advantages of tunable white lighting solutions, popularity and application areas will surely continue to grow.

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